Claim Management Services Help Policyholder Stay Productive

Gene’s Machine, Inc. in Victoria makes precision machine parts. The company’s employees have specialized training. When one of them gets injured on the job, production suffers.

Dwaine Pratka and Kristi Chavez of Gene’s Machine explain how Texas Mutual’s claim management services help the company get skilled employees back on the job after workplace injuries.

Agents: Submit Policy Payments Online

 Texas Mutual Insurance Company has added the ability to make policy payments at Agents can submit a direct-draft electronic payment by going to the Agent Gateway page, searching for a policy, and selecting the Payments action. The new payment function is available to anyone you’ve authorized to have a Texas Mutual® online login account for your agency.

On the payments page, enter the agency contact information, the amount of the payment, and the bank account (agency or policyholder). To protect private information, bank account information from prior payments will not be displayed when making subsequent payments.

In the coming weeks, Texas Mutual will extend the policy payment functionality to your policyholders. The ability for agents to submit online payments for quotes will also be added.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company is committed to providing online services that make it easier for agents and their customers to do business. If you have improvement suggestions or questions, please contact your agency representative at (800) 859-5995. Texas Mutual appreciates your business and will continue working with you to earn it.

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