Texas Mutual Earns National Wellness Award

Texas Mutual Insurance Company has earned recognition from UnitedHealthcare for its commitment to employee health and wellness. Ten other companies around the country earned the award.

Carol Calvin (left), national director of UnitedHealthcare Health and Wellness, presented the Well Deserved award to Lisa Corless, chief operating officer of Texas Mutual Insurance Company.

“This award highlights the importance of a healthy workplace, and we are proud to receive this recognition from UnitedHealthcare,” said Texas Mutual Chief Operating Officer Lisa Corless. “Creating a culture of health and wellness is a priority for Texas Mutual and our 780 employees.”

Award criteria included executive support for the health program, the presence of wellness champions and innovation in wellness program design.

Texas Mutual’s employee wellness program includes online health improvement tools, health risk assessments, wellness coaching, fitness centers at each of its five locations,
onsite flu shots, yoga classes, a walking program, Weight Watchers at Work and wellness incentives.

Ed Coates, senior manager of employee services at Texas Mutual, said the program’s goal is similar to that of the safety and loss prevention services the company offers its policyholders: help identify risks, and provide resources to reduce or eliminate those risks.

Coates added that the program has seen positive results, which have contributed to below-market increases in the company’s health plan expenses the past few years. Results of the program indicate:
• The number of employees scoring in the poor and fair overall health categories decreased by 4.7 percentage points. At the same time, employees scoring in the good and excellent health categories increased by about 4.6 percentage points.
• As overall employee health improved, sick leave usage significantly decreased, and in turn, productivity improved.
• Nearly 80 percent of participants responding to the health risk assessment believed that the wellness resources and opportunities provided by the company helped them develop and practice a healthier lifestyle.

“The most recent statistics indicate that our employees are improving their overall health,” said Coates. “Employees have access to valuable wellness resources, and they are motivated to make long-term lifestyle and behavioral changes. They are reducing their risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. They are improving their exercise and nutrition habits, and they are lowering their risk of experiencing serious health complications later in life. Ultimately, we see the payoff in terms of a healthy, productive workforce.”

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