New Texas Mutual purchasing group for ag industry

Texas Mutual Insurance Company announced its new workers’ compensation purchasing group today: AgriComp. Any licensed Texas agent can submit qualifying clients for consideration.

AgriComp is open to qualifying seed merchants, cotton farming gins, feed manufacturers, fertilizer manufacturers, grain elevators, hay dealers, grain dealers, feed dealers and other segments of the agriculture industry. Group members get:

  • A discount on their workers’ compensation insurance
  • An industry-specific workplace safety plan
  • Potential workers’ compensation dividends

For more information about AgriComp, visit


AgriComp purchasing group applicants must be members of the Lone Star Agribusiness Association. The association advocates on behalf of its members, provides educational and networking meetings and communications, and develops solutions for members’ immediate and future needs.

“Our industry contributes to the $80 billion enterprise we call Texas agriculture,” said Ben Boerner, president of Lone Star Agribusiness. “This program gives our members a cost-effective way to protect their employees, their businesses and, ultimately, their bottom line with workers’ comp insurance.”

In most cases, workers’ compensation insurance protects employers from lawsuits arising out of on-the-job accidents. It also provides medical and wage replacement benefits for injured workers, for life if necessary.

Occupational accident policies and other forms of alternate coverage leave employers vulnerable to lawsuits, and they often put a cap on injured workers’ benefits.

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