Texas Mutual Wraps Up $155M Dividend Distribution

Today, Texas Mutual Insurance Company began distributing about $1.5 million in workers’ compensation dividends among approximately 2,800 new policyholders.

The early-qualifier dividends represent the final component of Texas Mutual’s $155 million 2011 dividend distribution. Approximately 77 percent of the company’s policyholders received a dividend as a reward for preventing workplace accidents and helping injured workers return to productive employment.

“As a mutual insurance company, Texas Mutual is not publicly traded, and it does not answer to stockholders,” said Bob Barnes, chairman of Texas Mutual’s board of directors. “Our policyholders – the Texas entrepreneurs who put their trust in us every day – own the company. When Texas Mutual enjoys financial success, it has a solid history of sharing with those who have contributed to that success.”

Texas Mutual has distributed more than $1 billion in policyholder dividends since 2000. That number includes a combined $260 million in 2008 and 2009, at the height of the recession.

Texas Mutual President Ron Wright said the company’s dividend track record is a direct reflection of policyholders’ efforts to keep employees safe and on the job.

“Texas Mutual is fortunate to have more than 50,000 owners who share its vision of a safer, more productive state,” said Wright. “Our policyholders have invested in their safety programs and supported injured workers during their recoveries. I hope this return on their investments will keep their businesses strong far into the future.”

Texas Mutual notes that past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends. All dividend plans require Texas Department of Insurance approval.

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