Texas Mutual Pays Combined $690K to Four Safety Groups

Texas Mutual Insurance Company announced today that four workers’ compensation safety groups have earned a combined $690,036 in dividends: Texas Recreation Group, $278,353; Texas Construction Supply, $200,752; Texas Green Industry, $133,453; AgriComp, $77,478.

The dividends were based largely on each group’s overall loss ratio.

In 2011, Texas Mutual will pay approximately $15 million in safety group dividends. Group dividends are separate from the $155 million in individual policyholder dividends the company distributed this year. Many group members qualified for individual and group dividends.

Texas Mutual notes that past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends. The Texas Department of Insurance must approve all dividends.

For more information about safety groups, visit texasmutual.com/agents/group.shtm.

3 Responses to Texas Mutual Pays Combined $690K to Four Safety Groups

  1. Company take care of its workers.


  2. annoynamas says:

    yea right! what about employees that are injured and stay at work becouse they can’t afford to be off and still work hurt and get worse becouse you guys denie every thing. not all workers are out to sue or create fraud. we are hurt workers tring to make a living for our families and yoy TM will not even allow adiquate health care. I hope you guys sleep well knowing someone is not getting healthcare and it’s your fault.


  3. Sounds like a good program — incentives for safe workplaces. Hard to argue with that.


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