Texas Mutual Announces Fraud Indictment

Texas Mutual Insurance Company announced today that a Travis County grand jury indicted Howard T. Douglas, III, M.D. of Hurst and his company, North Texas Medical Evaluators of Carrollton, on felony workers’ compensation fraud-related charges.

The indictments were the results of an investigation conducted by Texas Mutual.

North Texas Medical Evaluators provided functional capacity evaluations to injured workers in Texas. The indictments allege that, between December 2007 and December 2009, Douglas and North Texas Medical Evaluators overbilled Texas Mutual for the time taken to perform evaluations.

Douglas was indicted in August 2010 for his part in a similar scheme involving Western Medical Evaluators and his daughter, Barbara A. Douglas of Denton.

The North Texas Medical Evaluators and Western Medical Evaluators investigations were part of the Texas Mutual zero tolerance for fraud policy. Texas Mutual maintains three teams of investigators permanently assigned to investigate every report of suspected fraud.

Note: A grand jury indictment is a formal accusation – not a conviction – of criminal conduct.

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