Four Tips for Controlling Your Workers’ Comp Costs

You probably don’t think much about your workers’ compensation policy until you file a claim or pay your premium. You may be surprised to learn that you can take small steps during the year to help control your workers’ comp costs.

Join a safety group

Your insurance carrier might offer safety group opportunities. Safety groups allow employers in similar industries to get premium discounts and industry-specific safety plans. Some groups also reward safety-conscious employers with dividends.

Prevent workplace accidents

The best way to manage claims is to prevent accidents. Effective safety programs are all-inclusive. Everyone, from the president to front-line workers, follows safety procedures and helps continuously improve the safety program.

Focus on return-to-work

The longer injured employees are off work, the higher the costs for their employers in terms of workers’ comp benefits and lost productivity. Meanwhile, injured employees tend to get bored, stressed and depressed. Their job skills often suffer, along with their incomes.

A return-to-work process helps injured workers return to productive employment. If they are unable to perform all of their normal job duties, the process provides alternative productive work they can do while they recover.

Fight workers’ comp fraud

Fraud costs the Texas insurance industry about $24 million a year. Those costs trickle down to everyone in the form of higher premiums.

Fraud is lying for financial gain. Workers’ compensation fraud can be committed by claimants, employers, health care providers and anyone else who has a stake in the system.

If you suspect fraud, contact your insurance carrier, or visit the Texas Department of Insurance at


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  1. Really great post and thanks for the link.


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