Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Company

From David Letterman’s nightly Top 10 to the most recent poll of top 100 movies, albums, sitcoms, or whatever-they-think-of-next, Americans love lists. Here’s a list that can help you improve your employees’ safety, productivity and morale.

1. Hire carefully. The best place to start is usually at the beginning. In this case, the beginning starts when you hire a new employee. Review your hiring practices. Do you conduct thorough background checks? Verify work history? Check references?

All of these steps can help your company avoid hiring the type of person who commits workers’ comp fraud, abuses substances or ignores safety procedures. Any of these behaviors may hurt your company—and your other employees.

The Texas Department of Public Safety offers background checks online (for a fee) at Remember that good hiring practices comply with the Texas Labor Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

2. Invest in safety. Workplace accidents come with price tags. Most importantly, there is the human cost of pain and suffering for injured workers and their families. Employers also have to consider the monetary costs of hiring extra help or paying overtime to make up for lost production. If you invest in a workplace safety program, you could reap up to a 600 percent return, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  

3. Consider drug testing. Employees who abuse drugs or alcohol put themselves and their co-workers at risk of being involved in workplace accidents. Employers should consider fighting illicit drug use by combining pre-employment testing with a written substance abuse policy that includes “for cause” and random drug tests for current workers. It’s also important to educate your employees about how one employee’s use of illicit drugs can affect his or her co-workers.

Consult an attorney before you launch a drug-testing program to ensure you comply with all applicable laws.

4. Launch a return-to-work program. When an employee is injured, a return-to-work program will help you get the employee back to work in the shortest possible time. It will also help reduce your out-of-pocket costs associated with on-the-job injuries, such as hiring or training temporary help or a reduction in productivity. Your program should be specific to your company, but all return-to-work programs include some key elements:

  • Keep in touch with the injured employee during the recovery period.
  • Give the treating doctor information about the employee’s job so the doctor can assess when the employee can return to modified or full duty.
  • Develop alternative productive work or modified duties for injured employees who can’t return to full duty right away.
  • Make a written bona fide offer of employment when your employee is released to work in any capacity.

5. Prevent fraud. An ounce of fraud prevention can do wonders for your company’s productivity. If you have improved your company’s hiring practices (Step 1), you’ve already taken the first step against possible workers’ comp fraud.

For the next step, adopt an anti-fraud policy that demonstrates your commitment to fighting fraud and the potential consequences of committing fraud. Report suspicions of workers’ comp fraud to your insurance carrier, or visit the Texas Department of Insurance at

One Response to Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Company

  1. I agreed that if we apply this 5 great tips than we don’t suffer any other problem with our employees.


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