Employer education: Tag; we’re it

Basic RGBTwitter, Facebook and blogs like this one are not just digital megaphones. They’re also great listening tools. Texas Mutual monitors social media conversations to find out what’s on the minds of workers’ comp system stakeholders. A recent post on the Lynch Ryan blog caught our ear.

The author poses this question: “Who is responsible for educating employers about workers’ compensation best practices?”

The post explains that some companies can afford the services of full-time safety professionals and claims coordinators. But what about employers who don’t have the financial resources to hire workers’ compensation managers?

Texas Mutual believes it is our responsibility to teach employers how to get the most value out of their workers’ comp policies. After all, we are the state’s leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance, and that honor comes with responsibilities.

Furthermore, preventing workplace accidents and minimizing their consequences are core elements of our mission. Like you, we care about your employees’ well-being, and we want them to go home safely at the end of the day.

Lastly, simple math is hard to argue with.

Workplace injuries have financial implications for all workers’ compensation system stakeholders, including Texas Mutual. Think of an injury as a pebble-sized crack in your car’s windshield. The crack starts small and spreads over time. The financial impact of workplace injuries works similarly.

The insurance carrier bears the immediate brunt of the injury, paying medical and income benefits to the injured worker. The policyholder pays the next bill in the form of higher premiums based on its higher experience modifier. Finally, the collective costs of thousands of injuries across the workers’ comp system are passed on to every employer who purchases a policy.

We know that workplace accidents will happen. We also know that by helping injured workers recover and return to the job, we help control the costs associated with injuries. You can help if you understand and embrace your role in the process. Texas Mutual encourages you to take advantage of the free educational resources we offer all employers, not just our policyholders.

Our free workers’ compensation workshops are chock full of information on preventing workplace accidents, managing claims and fighting workers’ compensation fraud.

If you cannot attend a free workshop, visit these websites for free information: worksafetexas.com, safehandtexas.org and texasmutualsafetyfirst.com.

By focusing on workplace safety and claim management every day, employers can reduce their workers’ comp costs, improve their productivity and promote morale in their organizations. Texas Mutual is here to help. That is our mission, and we will never lose sight of it.

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