Go Ahead; Get Defensive

Roadway crashes are consistently the leading causes of workplace fatalities. An estimated 40,000 people die behind the wheel each year. On the surface, they are statistics in a growing epidemic. To their friends and families, they are loved ones who can never be replaced.SafeHandTexas logo

Drivers who buckle up, avoid distractions, control their speed and never get behind the wheel while tired improve their chances of getting from Point A to Point B safely.

Remember, though, that other drivers’ actions can affect your safety as much as your own actions can. Texas Mutual encourages employers to teach and enforce these defensive driving behaviors in their workplaces:

  • Keep at least two seconds between you and the car in front of you. Increase your following distance when roads are slick and visibility is poor.
  • Frequently check your rear and side mirrors for approaching cars.
  • Assume vehicles approaching from the opposite direction will not see you or slow down for you to pass cars in front of you.
  • Don’t count on cross traffic slowing down to let you pass.
  • Scan the road at least one half block ahead of you, watching for potential hazards.
  • Control your emotions if someone cuts you off.
  • Give aggressive drivers plenty of space.
  • Stay alert so you can respond quickly and appropriately to other drivers’ unexpected actions.
  • Approach intersections cautiously, never assuming you have the right of way.

Texas Mutual offers free safety materials at worksafetexas.com. The site includes articles on simplifying fleet safety and maintaining your focus behind the wheel. We also invite you to visit our safe driving website, safehandtexas.org, for more information.

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