This Week in Comp

Compiled by David Wylie, Editorial Coordinator

Compiled by David Wylie, Editorial Coordinator

This Week in Comp provides an overview of workers’ compensation news from across the country.

Opioid Epidemic

Opioids: Gateway to Heroin
Workers’ Comp Insider
Many addicts are turning to the street drug heroin as a less-expensive alternative to prescription drugs. In fact, half of the approximately 200 heroin addicts treated at the Cleveland Clinic’s Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center started on prescription opiates…MORE


Oklahoma Teens Push Texting While Driving Ban
Claims Journal
A group of Oklahoma teens calling itself “Generation tXt” is meeting at the state Capitol to push for a new state law to prohibit texting while driving…MORE

Legislative Issues

Workers’ Comp Industry Insiders Review the Lay of the Land for 2014
Lexis Nexis
The looming expiration of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act is one of many high-profile issues facing workers’ comp system stakeholders this year…MORE

The ACA’s Anticipated Effect on P/C and Workers’ Comp Lines
Claims Journal
Lower workers’ comp costs, delayed care, increased pharmacy costs…the potential impacts of the Affordable Care Act on the property and casualty industry is a mixed bag. Whatever the fallout, it will likely not be immediate, according to industry experts…MORE


10 Warning Signs of Workers’ Comp Fraud
Business News Daily
Nearly every state requires businesses to provide workers’ compensation insurance (Texas is the exception). As with most mandatory legal requirements, there are always going to be individuals who try to get around this and cheat the system…MORE


Injured Worker is Back on the Job: Now What?
Texas Mutual Blog
The goal of the return-to-work process is to get injured employees well and back on the job. But the process does not end there. Bob Cogburn, vocational rehabilitation specialist at Texas Mutual, shares his tips for ensuring injured employees remain productive team members…MORE

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