On the Road with Texas Mutual Recruiting

by Stephanie Schumacher, Recruiting Consultant

Travel report:  Austin to Houston, 162 miles

Weather: Dreary and cold

Notable stops:  Weikel’s Kolaches in LaGrange – wow!

It’s February, and that means Texas Mutual is on the road recruiting from some of Texas’ best colleges.  Economists all over the nation forecast that Texas will dominate the job market in 2014, with Austin, Houston, McAllen and Dallas all vying for the number 1 spot.  Even more exciting, five Texas cities are among the fastest-growing in the country.  So we launched our 2014 recruiting plan to account for growth and find the future leaders of Texas Mutual.


Texas Mutual’s Jeremy Hansen, Erika Turner-Green and Alexis Osborne meet prospective candidates at the Texas Job Fair

“Our mission at Texas Mutual is to help make Texas the safest state to work and live,” said Rich Gergasko, Texas Mutual president and CEO. “When workplace accidents do occur, we work very hard to ensure that our injured workers and their families are cared for and treated properly. As we continue to insure more Texas employers, we want to create a pipeline into the state’s higher education institutions to find the best and brightest students who are attracted to our culture.”

February 6, we set out for our first career fair in Houston with Rich’s mission in mind.  Houston-based employees Brent McClellan, Jeremy Hansen, Alexis Osborne, Erika Turner-Green and I represented Texas Mutual.  The fair, held at the Rice campus and known as the “Texas Job Fair,” featured a blend of 15 Houston-area colleges.

If you are visiting or new to the Houston area, a trip to the Rice campus is a must.  Rice was established in 1912 on a 285-acre plot.  Beautiful green spaces and heavy woods surround Byzantine-style architecture to make for a true classic collegiate atmosphere.  The fair was held at the Wellness Center, an impressive facility in the center of campus.

The basketball gym had been successfully transformed into a sea of employers.  We were excited to meet current students, alumni and even experienced professionals.  Even more exciting, this first event allowed us to test drive our new, upgraded LinkedIn Career Page.

Candidates visiting our booth used a sleek iPad kiosk to link directly to the Texas Mutual LinkedIn career page in real time.  Many were surprised to see LinkedIn identify their profiles with just a few entries.  The results?  We linked with 90 candidates eager to find out about our careers and future internship possibilities.  We were the only company to feature the LinkedIn technology and have been in touch with many of the linked applicants since ̶ a definite success.

After the fair, we said goodbye to Houston and set our sights on Waco.  Luckily for me, I passed through LaGrange on the way back for another stop at Weikel’s Kolaches.  Their cherry strudel is out of this world!

Are we visiting your campus?  Come out and meet some of our regional Texas Mutual all-stars at the following career fairs:

February 19 – Baylor University

February 26 – University of North Texas

April 3 – Texas State Technical College

Look for us this fall in Lubbock, San Antonio and far South Texas.  Until next time, be sure and stop by our LinkedIn career page to get a little insight on our culture and see how you can connect to Texas Mutual.


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