This Week in Comp, March 3 – March 7, 2014

Compiled by David Wylie, Editorial CoordinatorThis Week in Comp provides an overview of workers’ compensation news from across the country.

Opioid Epidemic

Frequent Opioid Abusers Rely On Prescriptions
According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, users who are at the highest risk of overdosing on prescription narcotics — those who use opioids for nonmedical reasons at least 200 times a year — are likely to obtain them with a doctor’s prescription. In contrast, most people who occasionally abuse the pain medications to get high, but are not at high risk for overdose, obtain them for free from a friend or relative…MORE

Weaning Works Wonders
New research indicates that outpatient weaning of addicted patients off powerful opioids saves money and improves outcomes…MORE

Spread the Word About Prescription Drug Abuse
This article presents an overview of how state legislatures are working to curb the opioid epidemic…MORE


AIA Says TRIA Must be Reauthorized
The American Insurance Association pointed to this week’s RAND Corporation study as further evidence that TRIA expiration could compromise national security…MORE

Fraud In California Bribe Scandal, Where Were the Applicant Attorneys?
Bob Wilson of breaks his silence on the fraud scandal in California. Bob wonders where the injured workers’ attorneys were while their clients were being subjected to overpriced, perhaps unnecessary and potentially disabling procedures…MORE

Claim management

Use This One Old Trick to Reduce Your Workers’ Comp Claim Costs
When injured workers don’t understand the workers’ comp process, they are more likely to hire attorneys. If employers and insurance carriers communicate with claimants, they can help control claim costs…MORE

Market conditions Workers’ Compensation Rate Increases Expected to Continue this Year
Following a profitable year for the industry, the P&C insurance market will be stable and competitive in 2014, according to a Wells Fargo report…MORE

The Market Is Dynamic
David DePaolo explains, in layman’s terms, how the rebounding economy affects workers’ compensation rates…MORE

About the author
David Wylie is the editorial coordinator at Texas Mutual Insurance Company. He works closely with Texas Mutual’s safety professionals to teach employers and their employees how to prevent workplace accidents and their associated costs. David holds the OSHA 10-hour general safety certification and a degree in journalism from Southwest Texas State University.

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