On the Road with Texas Mutual Recruiting

Travel report:  Austin to Waco, 101.2 miles

Weather: Unpredictable

Notable stops:  Baylor Stadium

By Stephanie Schumacher, Recruiting Consultant

By Stephanie Schumacher, Recruiting Consultant

Last July, I moved back to Austin after a 17-year stint in Dallas. In my brief time back in the Capitol City, I have driven north on IH-35 to Dallas 29 times.  Yes, 29 times.  The trip is a bit like a familiar old friend.  Instead of watching mile markers, I count landmarks as my own personal GPS.  Spots everyone knows well, like Inner Space Caverns, the Stagecoach Inn, the Starbucks up on the hill in Temple and the Elite Café, tell exactly how far away I am from my destination.

One of my favorite new landmarks is the enormous Baylor stadium.  I was fortunate to get a good look at it this time, as our travels brought the recruiting team to the Waco Convention Center to meet Baylor students eager to start their careers.  Considered a major economic catalyst, the 93-acre stadium site will be the largest project in the history of Central Texas.

This time around, the Texas Mutual recruiting team consisted of Shonda Brown of our Austin regional office, Tim Osmond from our Dallas regional office and Baylor graduate Scott Bonds, also from our Dallas regional office.

The Baylor career fair was first class.  I was particularly fascinated with the fun Baylor traditions the organizers incorporated into the event.  Lunch from Vitek’s featured the “Gut Pack,” a combination of beans, Frito’s, sliced sausage, jalapenos, pickles and onions.  Voted “Best College Eats in America,” the Gut Pack is a longstanding Baylor staple.  Not decadent enough?

Afterward, Dr. Pepper floats were served, an every-Tuesday tradition on campus.  Waco is the home of Dr. Pepper, and it was plentiful in every flavor.

Baylor had a professional photographer snapping pics of students for their LinkedIn profiles. I think we will borrow that idea in the coming weeks.

After the fair, I asked Dallas underwriter Scott Bonds what it was like to be back on campus as an employer.

“I was very excited to come back to Baylor to help spread the word about Texas Mutual,” said Scott. “It was a much more relaxed experience for me being on the other side of the table! I remember attending career fairs as a student and constantly wondering if I would find the right place. Luckily, I connected with Texas Mutual and become part of this amazing company.”

Scott went on to say, “We truly have so much to offer recent college graduates by being a stable workplace and a respected company. And how could I mention Texas Mutual without speaking about the people? When I was hired, everyone was so helpful and patient with me. I tried to communicate that to students who stopped by the booth.”

Scott and Tim did an amazing job explaining their roles to the students. Some even reached out to us in the days after to say they are now considering careers in underwriting.

Toward the end of the fair, we got a nice surprise when Ken Starr, Baylor’s president and chancellor, stopped by our booth.

About the author
Stephanie Schumacher is the corporate recruiter at Texas Mutual Insurance Company.  She was a founding partner and chief marketing officer at Platinum Select, LP, a medical staffing firm operating in all 50 states.  Platinum Select was recognized as the Fastest Growing Medical Staffing Company in the U.S. in 2006.  Stephanie spent five years traveling and collaborating on multiple startup concepts in Dallas.  She also served as a mentor for the City of Dallas’ Youth Today Entrepreneur Tomorrow program and was a board member for the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

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