This Week in Comp

This Week in Comp provides an overview of workers’ compensation news from across the country.


Stand down for safety – But then what?
Falls are the leading cause of workplace fatalities in the construction industry. Last week, OSHA encouraged employers to pause from their busy day and participate in safety stand-downs. Texas Mutual hopes employers participated in this worthy initiative. We encourage you, however, to continue the conversation and make safety a permanent part of your company culture…MORE

Only half of employees feel their companies are prepared for a severe emergency
Nearly half of businesses have closed temporarily due to weather in the past six months, but majority have not reassessed safety plans as a result of natural disasters…MORE

Some trucking firms want congress to ease safety limit on truckers’ hours
The 70-hour cap on a U.S. trucker’s workweek has a chance of being eased by Congress, undoing the result of a 15-year effort to reduce highway fatalities caused by drowsy long-haul drivers…MORE

Opioid epidemic

National Safety Council offers 5 tips for using opioid painkillers safely
These tips can help reduce the risk of developing an addiction to, or overdosing from, prescription painkillers…MORE


Dancing Hamster Arrested On Insurance Fraud Charges
Leroy Barnes, 27, of Los Angeles, known as one of the dancing hamsters in Kia commercials, was arrested on insurance fraud charges related to his alleged fraudulent collection of state disability insurance benefits. Barnes is suspected of deceiving his doctors about his employment status while he receiving disability benefits…MORE


Professional Sports Teams Looking for Terrorism Insurance Win in Congress
Renewal of a U.S. terrorism insurance plan is gaining momentum in Congress, thanks to some big-league backing from a coalition that includes professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey leagues. The House and Senate are poised this month to advance somewhat different bills renewing and reshaping the program…MORE

About the author
David Wylie is the senior technical writer at Texas Mutual Insurance Company. He works closely with Texas Mutual’s safety professionals to teach employers and their employees how to prevent workplace accidents and their associated costs. David holds the OSHA 10-hour general safety certification and a degree in journalism from Southwest Texas State University.

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