This Week in Comp, June 9 – 13

This Week in Comp provides an overview of workers’ compensation news from across the country.

TRIA reauthorization

House committee unveils TRIA-extension bill with 5-year term
The Senate version of the bill extends the program in its current form for seven years, but it also increases industry co-shares by one-third under a five-year phase-in period…MORE


Texas moves forward in becoming an NCCI state
The Texas Department of Insurance has adopted the NCCI manual for workers’ compensation and authorized NCCI to assume certain functions that traditionally have been administered by TDI’s Workers’ Compensation Classification and Premium Calculation Office…MORE


Safe driving initiative launches in Victoria
Texas Mutual and its partners launched the Give Safety a Hand campaign in Victoria. The campaign promotes safe driving in the oil and gas industry…MORE

3 major occupational risk factors linked to sleep deprivation
Risk factors of fatigue may result in financial losses of more than $1,960 per employee annually in lost productivity…MORE

Tracy Morgan crash trucker was awake over 24 hours
The Walmart truck driver blamed for the highway pileup that left comedian Tracy Morgan in critical condition and killed his mentor had not slept for more than 24 hours before the crash…MORE

29 rulemakings listed on OSHA’s Spring Unified Agenda
Final rules on confined spaces in construction and slips/trips/falls prevention should debut in August and October 2014. This table provides a snapshot of other OSHA rulemaking activity…MORE

OSHA announces interactive training webtool on identifying workplace hazards
Employers and workers can virtually explore how to identify common workplace hazards in the manufacturing and construction industries. Users of the new training tool will learn not only hazard identification skills but also learn about hazard abatement and control…MORE

Opioid epidemic

Top 5% of opioid prescribers write 40% of US narcotic prescriptions
According to the analysis, high prescribers wrote an average of 3.5 times more opioid prescriptions — 4.6 prescriptions per patient compared to 1.3 in their peer group. Opioid cost per patient per day of therapy was nearly 5 times higher, on average, for patients treated by high prescribers…MORE


Step 2 in the dispute resolution process
The Texas Legislature established a formal process for resolving disputes in the workers’ compensation system. If the parties do not reach an agreement in step 1 (benefit review conference), the dispute can proceed to a contested case hearing…MORE


Five charged in multimillion dollar workers’ comp and payroll fraud case
The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office has charged five owners, operators, and employees of a Corona-based paving company in a case involving wage theft, premium fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, and payroll fraud…MORE

About the author
David Wylie is the senior technical writer at Texas Mutual Insurance Company. He works closely with Texas Mutual’s safety professionals to teach employers and their employees how to prevent workplace accidents and their associated costs. David holds the OSHA 10-hour general safety certification and a degree in journalism from Southwest Texas State University.

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