Workplace Safety: There’s an App for That

By David Wylie, Senior Technical Writer

By David Wylie, Senior Technical Writer

When’s the last time you used a road map? I’m talking about one of those tabloid-sized jobs you store under your car seat because it’s too big to fit in your glove compartment.

And who remembers pay phones? I understand they’re still quite popular in London, mostly as artifacts of a bygone era.

From GPS to cell phones, technology has changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Workplace safety is no exception.

Concerned that your employees need hearing protection? There’s an app for that.

Want to know what to do in case of a tornado, fire or other natural disaster? There’s an app for that, too.

Here is a look at a few apps that can help you send your employees how safely at the end of the work day.

Ergonomics IOS application
What could be hazardous about office work? Plenty. Sitting for prolonged periods, typing and staring a computer screen can lead to painful musculoskeletal injuries. This app teaches users how to set up a desk, chair, monitor, mouse and keyboard for enhanced productivity. It also illustrates group and individual stretches, and it provides stretch-break reminders throughout the day…MORE

Safety Smart
Remember your first job? Were you nervous, eager to please and embarrassed to a “stupid question”? Your young workers feel the same way. This app helps you instill safe work behaviors that will last teens a lifetime. It shows common hazards teens face on the job and offers tips for avoiding those hazards …MORE

Hear Me Now
Noise-induced hearing loss is the most common work-related injury. This app measures noise levels in the workplace. If levels exceed OSHA standards, users may suggest acoustic sound treatment options to management or anonymously inform OSHA of the violation from the app. Remember that apps should not be used as a substitute for proper noise-level monitoring equipment. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently tested noise-monitoring apps for accuracy. The study concluded that some sound measurement apps for Apple devices were accurate and reliable, but Android and Windows apps fell short…MORE

HazCommID: Worker Rights
OSHA recently updates its long-standing hazard communication standard. The revised standard includes new symbols representing the hazards associated with chemicals. This app offers a library of the nine adopted symbols, including images, summaries of the potential hazards and possible protective measures…MORE

Know Your Plan
Know Your Plan contains disaster preparedness checklists for hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, severe winter weather and evacuations. It also gives you the option of setting up reminders to complete a task, tracking your progress, and customizing and sharing checklists with your social network…MORE

Blast Injury
Blast Injury helps healthcare professionals manage the chaos that accompanies explosions and, ultimately, save lives. Blast Injury’s content includes on-the-scene emergency response guidance, personal safety information and medical surge capacity guidance…MORE

First Aid App
First Aid app’s preloaded content provides instant access to safety information, even without reception or an Internet connection. And it’s fully integrated with 911, so you can call EMS from the app any time…MORE

Safety Kick eliminates paper from the safety reporting and data collection requirements. The app includes templates for commonly used safety forms, including behavior-based safety observations, job safety analysis and vehicle safety checklists. Companies can customize the forms to meet their needs…MORE

OSHA Heat Safety Tool
Working outdoors in the Texas heat is more than uncomfortable; it’s downright dangerous. This app empowers workers and supervisors to calculate the heat index for their worksite. The app then displays a risk level and provides protective measures…MORE

NIOSH Ladder Safety App
Everyone knows how to use a ladder, right? Maybe. But we don’t necessarily know how to use ladders safely. This app helps workers select the right ladder for the job, inspect ladders before using them and position them safely…MORE

Forklift Safety App
The forklift safety app provides paperless records and documentation management for forklift safety and maintenance, including safety checklists, daily checklists, operator checklists, process and risk audits, accident / incident reports and maintenance checklists…MORE

About the author
David Wylie is the senior technical writer at Texas Mutual Insurance Company. He works closely with Texas Mutual’s safety professionals to teach employers and their employees how to prevent workplace accidents and their associated costs. David holds the OSHA 10-hour general safety certification and a degree in journalism from Southwest Texas State University.

Links to and from this blog do not reflect any affiliation between Texas Mutual Insurance Company and third parties, and are not an endorsement by Texas Mutual Insurance Company of the linked sites (or their owners or operators) or of any content located there. Texas Mutual Insurance Company does not vouch for the availability or accuracy of any information contained on linked sites.

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