This Week in Comp, September 29 – October 3

This Week in Comp provides an overview of workers’ compensation news from across the country.

OSHA releases October edition of QuickTakes
The October edition of OSHA’s newsletter features the agency’s new home page, the revised injury reporting rule and a message from Assistant Secretary Dr. David Michaels…MORE

Safety never sleeps
If we want to protect employees from the hazards of their jobs, we cannot afford to focus on safety only when it’s convenient. Safety has to be a constant presence that continuously evolves to meet our changing needs. It has to be a value that never gets compromised, even when we have to drag ourselves out of bed before the sun comes up. For safety to thrive, it can never sleep…MORE

IAIABC: Making Return-to-Work Easy Peasy Committee Style
The Disability Management and Return to Work Committee met in Austin this week to continue work on its RTW policy paper. Bob Wilson reports that although the members bring varying opinions and priorities to the conversation, they agree on one thing: We have a disability problem in this nation, and the status quo is no longer acceptable…MORE

Study shows driving while texting with Google Glass as distracting phone
This year, eight states have considered laws to ban drivers from using Google Glass and other head-mounted computers or displays…MORE

Regulatory Roundup
Texas Mutual’s weekly mash-up of health and safety-related regulatory news…MORE

The Health and Safety at Work Act turns forty
The Act sets out guidelines and rules for employees to follow to protect not only their employees, but also members of the public, as well as guidelines for employees to follow to avoid injuries in the workplace. Since its introduction, there has been a staggering 80% decrease in fatal accidents in the workplace…MORE

TX court orders employer to pay $35K to Texas Mutual
Everest Contract Services, LLC of Irving, Texas, pled guilty to workers’ compensation fraud-related charges. The company misrepresented numbers of employees and payroll associated with a related company, Premrock Commercial Drywall Ltd…MORE

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