Safety Alert: Guard Your Employees Against Machine Hazards

We dedicate a lot of space on this blog to stressing the value of management leadership, employee involvement and other core principles of workplace safety that don’t take root overnight. They need time to permeate every aspect of your company culture, and we promise to continue promoting them on this blog and via our other communication channels.

We also recognize that some safety issues require immediate attention, and we’re nimble enough to help you solve those issues, as well.

Case in point: Texas Mutual has seen a disturbing trend in severe injuries caused by employees getting caught in machinery. For privacy reasons, we cannot share details of the accidents. We can tell you that the consequences ranged from amputated fingers to fatalities.

Machines have moving parts that can cause severe, even fatal, injuries. We encourage you to stress the importance of these simple safety tips:

  • Dress properly, with pants and sleeves that are not too long or loose. Shirts should be fitted or tucked in.
  • Do not wear jewelry.
  • Tuck long hair under a hat, helmet, hair net or into your shirt.
  • Follow lockout/tagout procedures before clearing jams in machinery and performing machinery maintenance. Never reach into a moving machine.
  • Make sure machine guards are in place before operating machinery.
  • Focus on the job. Do not daydream, joke around or multitask.
  • Never take shortcuts that jeopardize your safety or a co-worker’s safety.

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