This Week in Comp, April 3, 2015

This Week in Comp provides an overview of workers’ compensation news from across the country.

Awareness is the first step in beating the distracted driving epidemic
Distracted_72CMYKMore than 3,000 people die every year in crashes involving a distracted driver, according to the CDC. Awareness is the first step in beating the distracted driving epidemic…MORE

Texas Legislature considers bill banning portable electronic devices behind wheel

House Bill 80 would make it a misdemeanor statewide to use a portable wireless device for reading, writing or sending a text while driving…MORE

Kentucky lawsuit against oxycontin makers stalled by deadline dispute
Kentucky is suing Purdue Pharma on claims that the company misrepresented its prescription painkiller, resulting in a wave of addiction and increased medical costs across the state. But before the trial can start, both sides must file “admissions” so the court can determine a set of facts that are not in dispute…MORE

Compounds drove drug spend in 2014
Pills White BackgroundSpecialty drugs factored into the 13.1 percent increase in prescription costs last year, the highest annual increase since 2003…MORE

Tennessee opting out of opt out for this year
The Legislature deferred a bill that would have allowed Tennessee employers to opt out of workers’ comp in favor or privately managed plans. Lawmakers will consider the bill again during the 2016 session…MORE

Employer caught denying WC benefits after employee loses limb
When a construction worker suffered a puncture wound on his foot, his employer refused to report the injury to the insurance carrier. The wound got infected, and the worker’s leg had to be amputated. The employer was subsequently arrested on four felony counts of workers’ compensation fraud…MORE

Humana to exit workers’ compensation with sale of Concentra
Concentra is one of the nation’s largest providers of occupational health, urgent care and physical therapy services, treating more than 14 percent of work-related injuries…MORE

FMCSA declares Georgia truck driver imminent hazard to public safety
Fleet SafetyThe driver, who held a CDL, struck and killed a police officer. He subsequently tested positive for cocaine…MORE

Regulatory roundup
Texas Mutual’s weekly compilation of health and safety news…MORE

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