Texas Mutual’s IT Department Growing

iStock_000047801104_smallOne of the biggest challenges any company faces is keeping up with the technological needs of their customers. At Texas Mutual, this challenge is met by highly talented IT professionals who make it possible for our policyholders, injured workers, health care providers, agents and employees to easily work together.

To make this happen, Texas Mutual’s IT department is busier than ever before. For instance, in the last six months alone, our IT teams have launched several new technologies, including an updated website, new intranet, new notification options for agents and countless updates to our existing systems. Most exciting of all, the IT department recently replaced our entire claims system and is currently working on replacing the policy and billing system.

With the many projects the department is working on come opportunities to bring more IT professionals on board. Texas Mutual’s IT department is the perfect place for tech pros who want a healthy work-life balance as well as the opportunity to innovate and grow professionally.

Take a look below to see how two of our IT team members found their place at Texas Mutual and what it’s like for them to work at the company:

Rob Jenkins, systems engineer

Q: What was it like when you started at Texas Mutual?

A: I moved more than 1,000 miles with my wife to start my career at Texas Mutual and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. People who know me know I don’t make radical decisions like that. I usually make pretty calculated decisions when it comes to life changes, but I knew it was a decision I wouldn’t regret. I instantly felt like I was part of a family here.

Q: What makes Texas Mutual’s IT environment different than most technology environments?

A: The fact that it doesn’t require you to give up your life. It’s an oddball in that sense. There are very few companies that’ll allow the family and work-life balance and let you work in IT. Working at Texas Mutual allowed me to start a family.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working for Texas Mutual?

A: Management here is phenomenal to work with. When you talk to them, they listen. They’re approachable. I think that’s critical. In other places, asking a question could limit your career with them

Brian Mullen, senior systems analyst

Q: What makes Texas Mutual’s IT environment different than most technology environments?

A: As a software engineer, you have two environments – corporations or startups. Startups are unpredictable, they can be bought up, and they often require long hours. When the opportunity to work here came along, I liked the idea of a consistent, stable job.

Q: What are most of your days like at Texas mutual?

A: Most of my days are spent working on whichever project we’re focusing on at the time. One of the best things about my days here is that I can count on leaving at a reasonable time every day so I can enjoy my son’s baseball games and time with my family. It’s rare that I’m called on for overtime, and it’s usually only during critical times, like when we launched a new product that makes imaging the bills and the workflow of processing those bills easier. Those were some of the few 10-hour days I’ve had since working here, but they were worth it. It’s always exciting to launch a new product.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working for Texas Mutual?

A: The customer-first culture we foster here. It enables me to provide the best product possible to my customers.

Ready for an IT career at Texas Mutual or know someone who would be a great fit? Find out why we’ve been named a Best Company to Work for in Texas for the last five years by visiting our careers page and connecting with us on LinkedIn.


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