This Week in Comp, May 1, 2015

This Week in Comp provides of an overview of workers’ compensation news from across the country.

OSHA issues final confined space rule for construction industry
720px-US-OSHA-Logo_svgThe rule provides construction workers with protections similar to those that manufacturing and general industry workers have had for more than two decades, with some differences tailored to the construction industry…MORE

We can’t manage what we don’t measure
In-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) are based on the principle that we cannot manage what we do not measure. Studies indicate that when it comes to correcting unsafe driving behaviors, IVMS measures up pretty well…MORE

3 tips for a healthier, safer you
Employee wellness and safety are inseparable. Use these three tips to work wellness into your daily grind…MORE

Experts gathered in Nepal to discuss quake prep a week before it hit
The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck Nepal killed at least 6,200 people and caused widespread destruction. It turns out that it was the disaster experts knew was coming; they just didn’t expect it so soon. Visit our blog for tips on preparing your business and your home for an earthquake…MORE

Oklahoma high court won’t hear challenge to work comp alternative
Law BookThe law allows some employers to comply with Oklahoma’s workers’ comp requirements by operating their own written benefit plans. It also transformed the workers’ compensation system from a court-based system to an administrative one…MORE

TDI-DWC hosts workplace safety and health conference May 19-21
The Austin conference will include presentations on a range of topics, such as distracted driving, workplace violence, hazardous materials and regulatory compliance…MORE

Attracting, retaining young talent a top challenge in 2015
Call CenterThe workers’ comp industry needs to promote itself as a stable, profitable, fulfilling career path that encourages and rewards entrepreneurship, according to Steve Luebbert, CEO of Safety National…MORE

Insurance industry adds 5,900 jobs in March
The insurance industry grew by 0.23 percent in March and now sits at 2,525,600 employed insurance workers…MORE

Bird flu found in 5 more Northwest Iowa farms
Nationally, the H5N2 virus has cost Midwestern turkey and chicken producers almost 13 million birds since early March…MORE

OSHA to require new chemical labeling system beginning this June
?????Starting June 1, OSHA will put in effect a new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) standard. The standard requires chemical manufacturers to communicate the hazards associated with their products to users…MORE

Texas tops list of states at risk for wildfires in 2015
In 2011, a wildfire ravaged Bastrop County in Central Texas. Four years later, Texas remains at risk, along with California and other drought-stricken states…MORE

Add coffee-drinking parrots to the list of driver distractions
A Pennsylvania woman who crashed her car into a guardrail claims she took her eyes off the road when her pet parrot began pecking at her coffee lid…MORE

Regulatory roundup
Texas Mutual’s weekly mash-up of health and safety news…MORE

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