This Week in Comp, May 15

Regulatory roundup
Texas Mutual’s weekly roundup of environmental health and safety news…MORE

Falls don’t discriminate by industry
Falls in the construction industry have received a lot of attention across the country the past couple of weeks, thanks to OSHA’s annual Stand Down for Safety event. But construction workers aren’t the only people at risk. In fact, falls are the second-leading cause of workplace injuries across industries…MORE

Texas driver ‘inattentive’ in bridge crash
Truck on freeway
The driver of a tractor trailer that struck a bridge in Salado was inattentive and hauling an illegal oversized load, according to Texas Department of Public Safety investigators…MORE

How on-demand economy is changing workers’ compensation
Need to hire a contractor? There’s an app for that. Hate doing laundry? There’s an app for that, too. The demand for temporary workers has grown three times more than for traditional workers during the past five years, and apps are connecting employers and employees faster than ever. It’s known as the on-demand economy, and it has implications for the workers’ compensation industry…MORE

California insurance commissioner urges first work comp rate cut in four years
The 10 percent recommended cut is roughly double the size of cuts insurers announced they would make…MORE

Patient engagement key to improving compliance, return-to-work
rtwPatient engagement strategies include understanding the patient’s beliefs about their health, their condition’s severity, their perceived treatment benefits, and their perceived ability to engage in treatment intervention, according to a Coventry white paper…MORE

California court says staffing agencies can’t self-insure workers’ comp
The court noted that staffing agencies can dramatically change the scope of their workers’ compensation risk by adding new clients and new employees, but the self-insurance deposit would not be adjusted until the subsequent year…MORE

Tire safety: 3 critical failures to avoid

Click on the image for more information on how to reduce tire blowouts.

Click on the image for more information on how to reduce tire blowouts.

The first driverless, wheel-less, hovering cars aren’t far off. Until then, we can steer clear of motor vehicle accidents by keeping our tires in good working order…MORE

Work comp in North Carolina – lessons learned
A recently-published report on the North Carolina work comp system should be required reading for anyone looking to understand why and how costs and care will change in response to regulations, according to Joe Paduda, author of the popular Managed Care Matters blog. Paduda’s key takeaway: Reform can effectively mitigate cost drivers if it targets specific factors influencing costs…MORE

Workers’ comp industry improved in 2014, but NCCI sees trouble ahead
In 2014, the industry’s combined ratio improved for the third consecutive year, premium grew for the fourth consecutive year, and claim frequency declined about two percent. Premium volume continues to increase, but construction and manufacturing employment totals remain well below pre-recession levels, which is restraining even higher premium growth rates, according to NCCI’s annual State of the Line report…MORE

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