This Week in Comp, June 12, 2015

Agents need to know: Texas workers’ comp e-mods changing
Effective July 1, Texas will utilize the National Council on Compensation Insurance Experience Rating Plan. Changes to the e-mod formula could trigger increases in a company’s e-mod, even if the company’s loss experience has not changed…MORE

AIA supports legislation to improve administration of workers’ comp set-asides
legislationThe legislation requires the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to adhere to state laws when reviewing workers’ compensation Medicare set-asides. This is a pervasive workers’ compensation claims problem that impacts all stakeholders, injured workers, employers, insurers and state workers’ compensation agencies…MORE

South Carolina jumps aboard workers’ comp alternative bandwagon
A South Carolina lawmaker has introduced legislation that would allow employers to be exempt from obtaining workers’ compensation insurance coverage and instead obtain certification from the South Carolina Department of Insurance to provide coverage through a qualified employer injury plan…MORE

Texas debuts at #9 on list of 10 states with lowest unintentional fatality rates
West Virginia registered the highest unintentional death rate for the fourth consecutive year, and Maryland registered the lowest, according to a National Safety Council report. The report considers motor vehicle accidents, falls and poisonings, largely from drug overdoses, as unintentional deaths…MORE

High-growth agencies build business differently
MoneytrendAttracting and retaining talent is a challenge facing insurance agencies. High-growth agencies value specialized skills over insurance industry expertise. They also monitor market trends to better understand their clients’ needs and deliver services that meet those needs, according to a recent survey…MORE


Texas Mutual pays $186,244 dividend to Texas Church Group
The workers’ compensation dividend was based largely on Texas Church Group members’ collective efforts to prevent workplace accidents and control their associated costs…MORE

Regulatory roundup
Texas Mutual’s weekly digest of safety-related regulatory news…MORE

Wet spring hasn’t extinguished wildfire risk
Wildfires could affect more than 706,000 Texas homes, despite an unusually wet spring. Nationally, 4.5 million homes are at risk, including more than 2 million in California…MORE

Smart cars don’t eliminate human errors
Human error drives 94 percent of motor vehicle accidents. Computers can’t eliminate mistakes from the traffic accident equation, in part because they don’t “bend” traffic rules the same way humans do…MORE


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