New Network Directory Mobile App Available

11026471_10155285158455296_2089725072_nTexas Mutual recently launched a new mobile app that makes it easier than ever for those in the Texas Star Network to locate a provider, access their prescription card, find a pharmacy and more. Employers, injured workers, physicians and agents can download the app for free on their Apple and Android devices.

This mobile app makes it possible to find care for workers at any time, whether in the office or at a job site. The app also offers informational, easy-to-access videos about the claims process and Texas Star Network that employers can use for training purposes or in the event of an injury.

Find a physician

One of the app’s main features is the provider search that allows you to locate an urgent care facility, treating doctor or specialist. After you choose auto find location or enter your location, the map will show where urgent care facilities and treating doctors are located. Green pins represent Texas Mutual recognized providers, which are known to have better outcomes and return-to-work times, but both red and green pins are trusted network providers. You can even call the provider or get directions right from the app.

View your prescription card and locate a pharmacy

The app’s map will show which pharmacies in the area accept prescriptions for Texas Mutual claims, as well as allow you to view your prescription card.

Employer resources

There are a number of short videos available on the app that employers will find helpful before or after an accident occurs. From information on how to report a claim to the basics of return to work, just a few minutes of your time could make the claims process simpler.

Injured worker resources

After a workplace accident occurs, injured workers can get the answers they need when they need them. Short articles provide information on what to do after an accident occurs, injured worker rights and responsibilities, return to work and more. Employers can encourage their workers to download the app so that if accident does occur, they’re prepared.

Download the app by clicking the buttons below or searching for Texas Mutual in the Google Play or Apple app store.



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