You’re Just 60 Seconds Away from Being a Safer Driver

Conference calls, meetings, doctor’s appointments, kids’ soccer games – most of us are stretched thin juggling the myriad responsibilities that demand our attention. Your friends at Texas Mutual wouldn’t think of asking you to put more on your plate if it weren’t important. And trust us; this will only take a minute.

Motor vehicle accidents are consistently the leading causes of workplace injuries across industries. Texas Mutual is committed to reversing the trend. We are excited to roll out a series of short driver safety videos featuring our own Woody Hill, vice president of safety services at Texas Mutual.

In a mere 60 seconds, Woody will give you practical tips for steering clear of these common causes of motor vehicle accidents and injuries: failure to wear seatbelts, speeding, distractions, fatigue and driver anger.

In our first video, Woody explains that in 2013, there was an accident reported every 71 seconds in Texas. More than 3,300 people died, and another 89,000 were seriously injured. Woody sets the stage for the video series by offering five tips to avoid becoming a statistic:

  1. Slow down
  2. Power down
  3. Lie down
  4. Calm down
  5. Buckle up

Next up
In our next post, Woody takes a stroll through a local grocery store to illustrate the importance of controlling your speed behind the wheel.

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