Going from 0 to 60 Safely

Have you ever been speeding through the grocery store and collided with another shopper? A quick “clean-up on aisle 9,” and it was probably back to business as usual.

Speeding in your vehicle can have far more serious consequences.

In 2013, there were approximately 3,200 speeding-related crashes in the Lone Star State. More than 250 of our fellow Texans died in those crashes.

In this installment of our safe-driving video series, Texas Mutual’s Woody Hill shares his tips for keeping your foot off the accelerator. Follow Woody’s advice, and you might save your life or someone else’s. Not a bad return for a mere 60 seconds of your time.

If you missed our first safe-driving video, click here.

Don’t miss our next installment
In our next video installment, Woody addresses an issue that has reached epidemic proportions on U.S. roads: distracted driving

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