Regulatory Roundup, October 16, 2015

Regulatory Roundup is a weekly compilation of health and safety news from around the world.

Texas Mutual News

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke
FireThis week’s Bastrop blaze sent thick clouds of smoke into Austin, reminding us you don’t have to be in the eye of fire to be at risk…MORE

Ronnie’s story
An electrician with 20 years’ experience suffers a sever shock and loses both arms. Eighteen months later, he returns to the team. This is Ronnie’s story, and this is how we want every workplace injury story to end…MORE

Federal Legislation

Senators reintroduce Hide No Harm Act
legislationThe legislation calls for corporate officers to be fined and imprisoned up to five years if they knowingly cover up information or fail to warn workers or consumers about dangers associated with a product or practice…MORE

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

CDC funds six new infectious disease prevention epicenters
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National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Are anti-vibration gloves a gimmick?
Some anti-vibration gloves reduce vibration only 5 to 20 percent. Others actually increase vibration, according to new research conducted by NIOSH…MORE

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA updates trenching and excavation safety guide
The updated guide includes a new section on safety factors an employer should consider when bidding on a job. Expanded sections describe maintaining materials and equipment used for worker protection systems…MORE

Proposed budget cuts OSHA funding by 7 percent
MoneytrendOSHA is inspecting less than 40 percent of the injury and illness reports it has received since rolling out its revised reporting requirements on Jan. 1, 2015, according to Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of OSHA. In recent testimony before Congress, Michaels noted the agency only has the resources to inspect each job site once every 140 years. Still, Congress’ proposed budget cuts OSHA funding by 7 percent…MORE

AIHA offers chemical exposure management recommendations
Permissible exposure limits (PELs) should be consistent across occupational populations and accepted by other federal agencies. That is just one recommendation submitted by the American Industrial Hygiene Association in response to an OSHA request for information. In the absence of updated PELs, OSHA encourages employers to follow more stringent limits set by other organizations…MORE

New website allows users to search penalties by state
OSHA launched a website that allows users to search OSHA citations of $40,000 or more…MORE

Studies, Resources, Trends, News

Why wellness and prevention equal early intervention
ExercisingThe workers’ compensation system is designed to address injuries after the fact. That approach drives up costs for insurers and employers. A workplace wellness program can help prevent injuries and control the costs associated with claims…MORE

5 best practices for workplace wellness programs
Employee wellness and safety are inseparable. A new resource offers simple, cost-effective, proven strategies for launching a workplace wellness program…MORE

New website sheds light on hazards associated with nano materials
Construction is seeing the introduction of remarkable new nano-enabled products that are lighter, stronger and more wear-resistant. But nanoparticles also pose health risks workers need to know about. A new website,, helps construction workers learn more about nanomaterials used in their trade…MORE

Study: Cars, child seats not compatible 42% of time
A soon-to-be-released study suggests a surprising number of car seats don’t fit vehicles properly, requiring parents to resort to putting rolled up towels, blankets or pool noodles under the car seats to make them level…MORE

Redesign PPE to reduce contamination risks, researchers suggest
Health care workers frequently contaminate their skin when removing personal protective equipment (PPE), even when they follow proper procedures. Facilities can reduce the risk by assigning trained coaches to monitor every step of the removal process, disinfecting PPE before removal, and redesigning PPE to make it easier to remove while minimizing self-contamination…MORE

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