Work Safe, Texas is Open for Business – February 2016 Updates

Work SafeHelping ensure workers get safely home to their families every day is the most important service Texas Mutual delivers not just to our policyholders, but to every Texas business. That’s why we launched our Work Safe, Texas website.

The site is a forum for us to share our workplace safety expertise with Texas. Each month, we upgrade with fresh content. From downloadable posters to online videos to workplace safety articles, you’ll find resources that address the unique hazards your employees face.

Here are just a few highlights from the February offerings waiting for you at

Workplace safety: A resolution you can live with
So many New Year’s resolutions, so little time. Your partners at Texas Mutual understand you’ve got your plate full with plans to get healthier, read more or learn a new language. We hope you’ll carve out some time to improve your safety program in 2016, as well.

This month’s featured post from our award-winning Safety @ Work blog provides practical tips for making good on a New Year’s resolution to safety.

Making sense of your OSHA recordkeeping obligations
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to post the OSHA 300 log in their workplaces between February 1 and April 30. If your OSHA recordkeeping obligations have you scratching your head, watch this month’s free streaming video for guidance.

5 steps to cashing in on return-to-work
Employers who invest in a return-to-work program can reap the benefits in terms of reduced workers’ comp costs, increased productivity and better employee morale. This month, we outline the five steps involved in launching a return-to-work program.

Did you know?
Would it surprise you to learn that people are dying – literally – for better cell phone service? Or that the Department of Justice plans to start hunting for worker safety violations when pursuing environmental criminal charges? Our “Did You Know” feature is full of interesting facts that will change the way you think about workplace safety.

Workplace safety articles
Cell phones get a bad rap when talk turns to distracted driving, and rightfully so. Research has proven the only safe way to make a call or send a text message is to pull over. But cell phones aren’t the only culprits in the distracted driving epidemic. Visit this month’s safety article offerings to raise your awareness of distracted driving and protect yourself, as well as other drivers.

A brand you can live with
Texas Mutual built its corporate brand on safety. But Work Safe, Texas isn’t just a catchy tagline. It’s a vision that drives everything we do. As long as Texans are getting injured on the job, our Work Safe, Texas website will be open for business.

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