Three tools to help injured workers get well soon

iStock_000017083352_SmallTexas Mutual’s Texas Star Network has seen better results from the care provided to injured workers year after year because of the relationships we develop with physicians in our health care network. However, getting workers well and back on the job is a team effort and employers play a significant role as well.

Maintaining a safe workplace and enrolling in our health care network, the Texas Star Network, are two of the best ways to help control costs, but getting injured workers the care they need promptly has an impact as well. Focusing on an injured worker’s well-being isn’t just good for them; it’s good for your bottom line. When an injury is treated in a timely manner and by a preferred network physician, injured workers tend to have a more successful recovery and costs are more likely to be contained.

In fact, on average, Texas Star Network patients return to work eight days sooner than non-network patients and average indemnity benefits are 14 percent lower for network policies compared with non-network policies.

To assist workers with getting the care they need after an injury, Texas Mutual offers a number of tools. Using these three tools can help control costs and get employees back to work quicker:

Texas Mutual app

Texas Mutual’s network app for iPhone and Android makes it possible to find care for workers at any time, whether in the office or at a job site. The app also offers informational, easy-to-access videos about the claims process and the Texas Star Network that employers can use for training purposes or in the event of an injury. Click here to download the app in Google Play or here to download from the Apple app store.

First Fill Program

Our First Fill Program, which launched in 2015, enables injured employees to get prescribed medication quickly after an injury occurs, even if their employer hasn’t had the opportunity to file a claim. Injured workers can get a seven-day supply for each covered prescription, up to $500 per prescription, with just the First Fill form. The form can be found in the Forms section under the Employers tab at, or by clicking here.

11026471_10155285158455296_2089725072_nPreferred provider indication

Texas Mutual has done the work to identify preferred providers in the Texas Star Network and we share that information with employers. The Texas Mutual app, our online directory and the Texas Star Network phone line can all direct employers to physicians that see better return-to-work results for workers’ comp patients, choose the best course of treatment and help control costs. In the app and online, preferred providers are indicated with a green icon, and on the phone line, preferred providers will be recommended first.

A workplace injury can be a stressful time for everyone involved, but focusing on the employee and having tools that help simplify the situation are key to heading in the right direction.


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