Trust is essential for handling workers’ comp fraud in your business

2f83b2f3-7e75-4a8c-a68b-cf13e89d7155.jpgMost employers are very clear about why workers’ comp fraud is a serious issue, but what is often not clear is how to handle it. It’s an unfortunate part of many workplaces so it’s vital to know what to do when you suspect it’s occurring. Your reaction to the situation could determine how simple or complicated the issue becomes.

There are three things to remember when you have a hunch fraud might be occurring, and they all center on trust:

Trust your workforce

Fraud happens, but the vast majority of workers’ compensation claims are legitimate. It’s easy to jump to conclusions if you feel taken advantage of, but not everything you see as questionable is fraud. For instance, running into an injured worker pushing a grocery cart in the supermarket could raise your suspicions, but that doesn’t prove they’re committing fraud. Filing a workers’ compensation claim doesn’t require them to be home bound, but some employers would see that as a clear-cut sign that the injury wasn’t legitimate or its affects are being exaggerated.

The best approach as an employer is to be aware of what’s going on in your business but to trust your workforce. It can be tempting to assume the worst but trust between you and your employees is an important part of managing claims and encouraging return-to-work, which is ultimately best for everyone. Keep in mind that trust must be established by both parties. Adopting hiring best practices – such as completing thorough interviews, checking references and requiring pre-employment drug screenings – is just as important as a worker earning your trust day to day.

Trust your instincts

While employees deserve the benefit of the doubt, you know your business and people better than anyone else. In many instances you could be one of the first to observe a case of workers’ comp fraud. If you have reason to believe it’s happening, trust your instincts and contact Texas Mutual’s fraud investigation unit. Often employers feel that they need to obtain proof or gather a vast amount of information before they can report it, but all you really need is a hunch. Follow your instincts and report fraud as soon as you become aware of it.

Trust our team of investigators

When you do report potential workers’ comp fraud to Texas Mutual, our three teams of investigators are ready to pursue every report. They investigate each case to determine whether or not fraud is occurring, which takes the burden off you to investigate your own employees or make accusations. Workers’ comp fraud is a serious allegation and it’s important to not alienate your employee before you have confirmation. Handling the issue so you don’t have to is an important part of the role Texas Mutual plays.

Workers’ comp fraud hurts everyone involved, which is why Texas Mutual takes it just as seriously as you do. We investigate thousands of claims each year and save employers money in the long run. Visit the Fighting Fraud section of our website to find out more.


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