Regulatory Roundup, April 15, 2016

Regulatory Roundup is a weekly compilation of employee wellness and safety news from around the world.

Texas Mutual News

Lonnie’s story
Lonnie Williams knew there would be a learning curve when he landed a job as a tanker truck driver in the Texas oil fields. But he never imagined he would nearly die during his first day. Visit our blog for Lonnie’s return-to-work success story…MORE

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Musculoskeletal disorders account for high number of DART injuries, according to new
That annoying crick in your neck may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it could signal a serious musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). MSDs account for one-third to one-half of injuries resulting in days away from work, job restriction or transfer in six major industries, according to a BLS report…MORE

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA regulates new uses of TCE
A new EPA rule requires anyone who wants to use trichloroethylene (TCE) as part of a new consumer product to notify the EPA at least 90 days in advance. TCE is largely used in manufacturing refrigerant chemicals and as a solvent in degreasing metals. TCE exposure can induce neurotoxicity, immunotoxicity, developmental toxicity, liver toxicity, kidney toxicity, endocrine effects and cancer…MORE

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

CDC confirms Zika can cause birth defects
Following months of debate, the CDC said this week there is enough evidence to link Zika virus to unusually small heads and brain damage in infants born to infected mothers…MORE

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

FHWA encourages Americans to drive, work safely in work zones
On average, three fatalities each day happen in highway work zones. To raise awareness of the issue, the FHWA encouraged motorists and workers to observe Work Zone Awareness Week from April 11 to 15…MORE

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Congress urges OSHA to pursue a workplace violence prevention rule for health care
Stopping Domestic Violence
Congress is calling on OSHA to issue a standard that would require health care employers to institute a workplace violence prevention program. In 2013, as many as 226,000 health care workers were assaulted at least once. That equates to a rate of about 126.5 assaults per 10,000 workers, while the rate for workers in all industries was 38.9…MORE

Non-reporting penalty set to increase 400 percent
OSHA believes 50 percent of severe injuries are going unreported under its revised injury and illness reporting rule. Starting this summer, noncompliant employers will pay up to a $70,000 fine for violating the rule. That’s a 400 percent increase over the current maximum fine of $7,000…MORE 

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)

PHMSA launches online resource to help emergency responders with rail incidents
The resource includes a training video and other items focusing on the best ways to respond to rail incidents involving Hazard Class 3 Flammable Liquids…MORE

Studies, Resources, Trends, News

Run. Hide. Fight. – Your formula for surviving an active shooter situation
When a gunman opens fire on a unsuspecting crowd, panic is a natural, immediate response. If you find yourself in an active shooter situation, credible organizations such as the FBI recommend you keep your cool and follow this three-step approach…MORE

Do alternative workstations work?
Plopping down in a plush office chair all day may be more appealing than doing physically demanding work in the summer heat. Research shows, however, that sedentary jobs contribute to chronic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and premature deaths. Alternative workstations can help, but each option presents drawbacks. The solution to countering the negative effects of a life spent sitting is simple: Get moving…MORE

Exercise these preventive measures to avoid gym germs
Gyms offer convenient, versatile, climate-controlled venues for getting fit. They also harbor millions of germs that can cause serious illness. Before you flush you plans to join a gym, consider these simple preventive measures…MORE

‘Invisible impairments’ hinder stroke patients who return to work: study
Stroke patients who return to work suffer from fatigue, communication challenges, and memory and concentration problems. Employers can help by reducing stroke patients’ hours, allowing them to work remotely and easing them back into the job…MORE

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