Work Safe, Texas is open for business in May

Work SafePartnering with you to get your employees safely home to their families every day is the most important service Texas Mutual delivers not just to our policyholders, but to every Texas business. That’s why we launched our Work Safe, Texas website.

The site is a forum for us to share our workplace safety expertise with you. Each month, we upgrade with fresh content. From downloadable posters to online videos to workplace safety articles, you’ll find resources that address the unique hazards your employees face.

Here are just a few highlights of the May offerings waiting for you at

Spotlight on safety issues in the Metroplex
The Lone Star State’s economy has long been the envy of the nation. If we want to keep it that way, we have to protect hard-working Texans from on-the-job injuries. On June 21, Texas Mutual will host a safety summit designed to help Dallas-area employers do just that.

Our safety professionals will share tips for preventing workplace accidents in three core industries that power the Metroplex’s economic engine: retail, construction and services.

If you can’t make the summit, we encourage you to visit the event page and put our safety tips to work in your workplace.

Office workers: Stand up for your health
Working Americans are spending more time off their feet than ever. Today, the average office worker spends approximately 77 percent of their time sitting. So what’s the harm? The more you’re at your desk, the more you get done, right?

Maybe, but all that chair time takes a serious toll on your health.

In this month’s featured post from our Work Safe, Texas blog, we share tips to help office workers work a little movement into their daily routines.

Accident investigations: Determining root causes
Call it taking your lumps or learning the hard way. In workplace safety circles, we call it an accident investigation.

Some employers chalk accidents up as failures in their safety program. We encourage you to treat them as improvement opportunities. This month’s streaming video shows you how.

Safety currents
After months of debate, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the Zika virus can cause birth defects. You can protect yourself from Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses by following a few simple tips. Learn more in our Safety Currents column, your go-to resource for trending wellness and safety news.

Workplace safety articles

As summer temperatures climb, workers can protect themselves from heat illness by remembering three words: Water. Rest. Shade.

Most Texans know the basics of summer safety. We can rattle them off as easily as our shoe size, our birthday and, hopefully, our wedding anniversary.

It’s easy to get complacent as summer temperatures start to heat up. And complacency can lead to serious heat-related illness.

As the thermometer begins its inevitable, agonizing ascent, employers should allow workers to acclimatize, or gradually adjust to hot temperatures.

Learn more about acclimatization and other heat safety strategies in this month’s workplace safety article offerings.

A brand you can live with
Work Safe, Texas isn’t just a catchy tagline at Texas Mutual. It’s a vision that drives everything we do. As long as Texans are getting injured on the job, our Work Safe, Texas website will be open for business.

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