This Week in Comp, August 22, 2016

This week in comp is a weekly digest of workers’ compensation news from around the country.


yoga class (2)One hour of daily activity could offset risks of desk-job lifestyle: study
Long hours spent sitting at a desk can contribute to heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic health problems. A new study suggests 60 minutes of physical activity each day can help control the risk…MORE

Texas becomes first state to issue standing order for mosquito repellent to fight Zika
As part of its Zika response plan, Texas Medicaid issued a standing order for mosquito repellent prescriptions for women who are between the ages of 10 and 45 or pregnant. Eligible Texas women on Medicaid can go straight to their pharmacist to pick up mosquito repellent…MORE

Veterinarian, nursing assistant crack list of most dangerous jobs
They don’t fight crime or deadly fires, but they do contend with cantankerous animals and patients. That’s why veterinarians and nurse aids have the dubious distinction of cracking the list of most dangerous jobs, along with police officers and fire fighters…MORE

Texas Mutual News

Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals on ribbons

It takes a team to win with safety
Whether you’re working to win gold or send your workers home safely at the end of the day, teamwork is critical…MORE

Protect yourself against health care fraud

There are many types of health care fraud, from overbilling on the part of care providers to outright theft of medical information by cyber criminals. Here’s how you can protect yourself…MORE


Uber, Volvo team up on driverless trucks

In a few years, that freight truck in the next lane could be autonomous. Uber purchased the self-driving truck startup Otto and announced a $300 million deal with Volvo for self-driving technology…MORE


Handcuff Fraud


False accident claim leads to ouster of city councilman

A Pennsylvania city councilman reported to police that his car had been damaged in a hit and run, but authorities were suspicious because a utility pole near his car was also damaged…MORE

Opioid epidemic

New pain reliever could lower risks of fatal opioid overdose

American and German scientists are testing  a new pain-relieving drug that does not interfere with breathing, which is the leading cause of death associated with opioid overdose…MORE


Costs are down thanks to Texas’ closed pharmacy formulary

Researchers at the Texas Department of Insurance have found that, since a pharmacy closed formulary was instituted in 2011, drug costs are down 15 percent in the comp system. A closed formulary requires prior approval for the prescription of certain drugs…MORE


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