This week in comp, November 4, 2016

This week in comp is a weekly digest of workers’ compensation news from around the country.


OSHA plans surge of inspections to reduce amputations in Texas, neighboring states

Employers can follow a few simple tips to prepare for an OSHA inspection.

Employers can follow 10 tips to prepare for an OSHA inspection.

OSHA will leverage targeted enforcement, including a surge of on-site inspections, in its efforts to reduce amputations among manufacturing workers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas…MORE

Texas leads nation in vehicle/animal collisions
Texas has twice as many motorists killed in collisions between vehicles and animals than any other state, the Insurance Council of Texas reports. With deer hunting season kicking off this weekend, drivers should review these safety tips…MORE

Opioid epidemic

Opioids and workers’ compensation: Why employers should care
Employees who abuse opioids risk their lives and compromise their co-workers’ safety. They could also contribute to increased workers’ compensation premiums. Studies cited in a Lockton Companies whitepaper have shown that when injured workers are prescribed opioids, their total claim costs can be four to eight times those of similar claims where no opioids were prescribed…MORE

More children are being poisoned by prescription opioids
The rate of children hospitalized for opioid poisoning increased 165 percent from 1997 to 2012, according to a new study. The data also showed the rate of hospitalized toddlers more than doubled. It’s likely that these very young patients take the drugs because they think they are candy or a treat…MORE


Dallas-area doctor faces $1.2M fine in fraud scheme
Government officials have obtained a more than $1.2 million judgment against Dr. Tariq Mahmood of Cedar Hill. Mahmood is serving an 11-year sentence for submitting bogus Medicare and Medicaid claims…MORE


NCCI updates

Agents can bookmark Texas Mutual's website for the latest NCCI developments.

Texas Mutual encourages agents to bookmark our website for the latest NCCI developments.

TDI has posted notice of filing Item 02-TX-2016 by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI). NCCI’s filing proposes to establish eligibility requirements for wrap-up construction project policies. TDI also posted an order approving NCCI filing Item B-1431 to eliminate some Texas classifications with low credibility (classification codes that, due to low premium volume, are too small to develop meaningful data for ratemaking purposes) and reassign them to other national or Texas classifications.


Workers’ comp drug spend dips
Workers’ compensation payers’ pharmacy spend dipped 8.7 percent in 2015, according to a CompPharma survey. Payers credited tighter clinical management, better integration with their pharmacy benefit managers, and prescriber interventions for the decrease. Opioids remained the number-one payer concern…MORE

The best of the rest

What’s really happening in workers’ comp?
Injury rates are plummeting, insurance premium rates are flat or dropping, and medical costs are down, reports Joe Paduda of Managed Care Matters. Paduda adds that Texas and Louisiana experienced among the largest rate drops in the country…MORE


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