Chuy’s Story of Recovery and Success

When Jesus “Chuy” Duarte went to work in the oilfields of Odessa four years ago, he never imagined it’d be a day that would change his life forever.  Having been sent on a special job three hours away, he headed out in his vehicle and what he remembers next is waking up in a hospital a month later and being told he would never be able to walk again.

However, Chuy had a different idea of the direction his recovery would take, and Texas Mutual was there to support him as he took the journey. Take a look at Chuy’s story and see how his tenacity, and Texas Mutual’s support, got him to where he is today.

Accidents like the one Chuy experienced happen all too often across Texas, even though Texas Mutual and the employers we support work hard to prevent them. When these tragic events do happen, what’s important is maintaining a focus of getting back to a productive life. This requires perseverance from those hurt on the job, strong support and advocacy from Texas Mutual, and the commitment from employers to create return-to-work plans to help workers return to productive work when possible. Returning to a productive life is always in the best interests of those affected by workplace accidents.

chuy_1It has been four years since the devastating accident and Texas Mutual continues to be involved in ensuring Chuy’s wellbeing. Chuy attributes part of his recovery to the support he received from Texas Mutual. “That’s what got our family through the harsh times,” he said.

See more injured worker success stories here, and visit to download our free return-to-work tools for employers.


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