Regulatory Roundup, May 26

Regulatory Roundup is a weekly compilation of employee wellness and safety news.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

eToolkit is released to aide emergency responders

hazmatEmergency responders can be exposed to numerous chemicals and although many resources are available for inhalation exposures, there aren’t many for dermal exposures. NIOSH recently began promoting the DERMaL eToolkit, which emergency responders can access on a phone or tablet to receive information about chemicals. The kit holds information on health effects, exposure assessment, control measures and medical management…MORE

Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

Pre-shift examination ruling is delayed

The final rule for improving pre-shift examinations of mines was originally scheduled to go into effect on May 23. The effective day has now been delayed until October 2, which will give MSHA more time to educate the mining community, and mine operators more time to implement recordkeeping systems for compliance…MORE

Studies, resources, trends, news

2018 proposed budget foreshadows changes to safety

Dollar BillsThe proposed federal budget has been released for fiscal year 2018 and it shows a 21 percent reduction for the Department of Labor. While MSHA would receive a small increase in funds, OSHA and NIOSH are both scheduled for a decrease in resources. Labor Secretary Acosta is adamant that the budget reflects a commitment to safe jobs in a financially responsible manner, but the American Industrial Hygiene Association has voiced concerns…MORE

Earnings pressure may lead to more injuries

Harvard Business Review recently conducted a study on the relationship between workplace safety and managers’ attempts to meet earnings expectations. The study showed that companies meeting or just beating analyst forecasts had a five to fifteen percent higher rate of injuries and illnesses. The reasoning came down to higher workloads as well as cuts to safety budgets…MORE

A lesson on the consideration of mental health

The U.S. Department of Labor shared a blog post about the importance of employment to the mentally ill community. The article urges employers to provide those with mental health disabilities the same accommodations they would for an employee experiencing symptoms of multiple sclerosis or cancer treatment. Links for resources pertaining to mental health disabilities are also provided…MORE

CVSA to hold 30th annual International Roadcheck in June

TruckThe Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will hold their 30th annual International Roadcheck this year June 6-8. Each year the alliance focuses on a specific category of violations while inspecting commercial motor vehicles and their drivers. Although inspectors primarily conduct level-1 inspections (considered the most stringent) this year’s focus is cargo securement…MORE



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