Commit to safety and health in your workplace

Graphics_Logo_TaglineIn recognition of OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week June 12-18, we’re sharing some of the practices in place at Texas Mutual that create our safety culture. To unite your workplace behind safety, we encourage you to participate in this weeklong event with resources from OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week that best fit your workplace, provided below.

OSHA recognizes the three essential pillars of any effective safety and health program as management leadership, worker participation, and a strategic approach to finding and fixing hazards.

Take the lead on safetyGraphics_Core_Elements_Icons_Leadership
At Texas Mutual, we know that a foundation in safety is best driven by management. We are in the business of keeping workers safe and that goes for own employees as well. One example of leadership working to create safety of culture is  our recently introduced phone-free driving policy.  Texas Mutual CEO Rich Gergasko unveiled the new policy by sharing his commitment to go phone-free any time he is behind the wheel, and asking employees to do the same

To demonstrate management leadership this week, visit OSHA Safe + Sound Week for resources on:

Empower your employeesGraphics_Core_Elements_Icons_Worker_Participation
At Texas Mutual, we energize our employees on their first day on the job by sharing our vision of safety in the workplace. Employees can volunteer to be a part of our Verified First Responder (VFR) team. This team steps up in a time of emergency such as a tornado warning to help with directing employees to a safe location or if an employee needs emergency medical attention by coordinating with paramedics.

OSHA Safe + Sound Week has resources to engage your employees on safety and health through:

Find where you can improveGraphics_Core_Elements_Icons_Find_and_Fix
Outside of Texas Mutual’s VFR team which conducts a monthly facility walk through, we also emphasize the motto “See something, say something” for all employees to report hazards when they see them so they can be promptly addressed. We also conduct annual ergonomic surveys and employees can easily report concerns online, to their supervisor, or by calling facilities or safety personnel.

Try one of OSHA’s approaches below on finding and fixing hazards:

With the resources above, you have the tools to create an event in your workplace to show your commitment to safety. If you’re ready to make it happen, be sure to promote your event and get your certificate of recognition for participating in OSHA Safe + Sound Week.


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