Regulatory Roundup, July 14

Regulatory Roundup is a weekly compilation of employee wellness and safety news.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company News

Safety and wellness grants available now

This week, Texas Mutual began accepting applications for the 2017 safety and wellness grant program. There are two types of grants available to Texas Mutual policyholders: safety grant recipients will receive reimbursement of up to $1,500 toward the purchase of safety equipment and wellness grant recipients will receive a one-year workplace wellness program…MORE                

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA releases new fact sheet for residential construction

OSHA released a new fact sheet aimed at protecting residential construction workers who work in confined spaces such as attics, basements and crawl spaces. The fact sheet explains that employers need to ensure that a competent person identifies the types of confined spaces before each project and includes information about employer obligations regarding personal protective equipment, training, and rescue plans…MORE

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)

Regional safety summit comes to Austin

The Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers’ Compensation is hosting a series of regional safety summits that provide information on preventable injuries in the workplace as well as upcoming regulations. The summit will be offered in Austin on July 18 and includes presentations on forklift training programs, occupational driving safety programs, OSHA recordkeeping and avoiding maintenance hazards …MORE

TDI provides tire blowout tips

Tire blowouts can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and be involved in serious accidents. To help drivers understand how to handle a blowout, TDI released a quick training resource containing five tips…MORE

Studies, resources, trends, news

The CSB continues the fight to avoid elimination

The Chemical Safety Board is continuing its fight to avoid elimination from a loss of funding. On July 11, the House Appropriations Committee allocated $11 million for the agency for fiscal year 2018, matching its funding for fiscal year 2017. The bill was approved by the Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Subcommittees, but still needs approval from the full House and Senate Appropriations Committees as well as both chambers of Congress…MORE

Safe driving kits from the NSC

According to the National Safety Council, someone is injured in a car crash every 15 minutes. In response, the NSC is offering a free, downloadable online safe driving kit to help employers protect their workers. It contains numerous resources for teaching employees about driving safely, including videos, fact sheets and activities…MORE

Tips for preventing common oil and gas injuries

Oilman magazine recently released an article that covers injury prevention for the oil and gas industry. The article details common injuries – struck-by, driving and welding flash burns – and provides recommendations for protecting against them…MORE

CVSA releases brake safety data

Earlier this week, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced results from its May 3 unannounced brake safety enforcement event. Results showed that 79 percent of vehicles did not have any critical item vehicle violations, but 12 percent of inspections resulted in a vehicle being pulled out of service for brake-related violations. The alliance is holding another brake safety enforcement event on September 7, 2017…MORE

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