Getting schooled on safety

As parents send their kids back to school in the coming weeks, they are entrusting teachers to not only guide their children’s education, but also to keep them safe during their time away from home. Safety is an important component of school life, but it’s important for teachers to keep themselves safe as well. For teachers and school staff, the new academic year could mean an increased chance for the most frequent workers’ comp-related injuries we see in schools: slips, trips and falls.

Road signs in Japan : Warning signs, Children crossingFor teachers and all other school employees, including cafeteria and janitorial staff, the best way to prevent on-the-job injuries is to create a greater awareness of these potential hazards, which in turn will help every staff member prevent them.

Take a look below at our tips for reducing hazards and preventing falls in schools:

  • Hallways, classrooms and reception areas should be kept free of debris and clutter, and trash should be collected and removed daily.
  • Electrical and telephone cords should be routed around doorways and walkways.
  • Worn, torn or loose floor coverings should be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Floors should be swept or vacuumed daily.
  • Spills should be cleaned up promptly and “Caution: Wet Floor” signs displayed.
  • Library and classroom bookshelves should be solidly constructed and neatly arranged to reduce the possibility of injuries sustained from collapsing shelves or toppling books.
  • Schools with stairwells should ensure the stairs are in good condition, covered with a non-skid material and equipped with sturdy handrails.

Free resources

A safe work environment requires proper training and a collective effort. You’ll find free resources below from Texas Mutual to help prevent slips, trips and falls, as well as safety material to help educators keep their students safe.

  • Utilize Texas Mutual’s free e-Learning online courses. With more than 200 courses to choose from, including fall prevention training, e-Learning helps educate faculty and staff on reducing common workplace injuries. To get started, select e-Learning under the safety resources tab in your account.
  • For a deeper look into why slips, trips and falls happen and how they impact your business, watch our webinar on Tips for a Slip, Trip and Fall-Free Work Day.
  • Visit the National Education Association for free educator resources about emergency planning and violence prevention, and material for parents on school safety issues.

Teaching is an important profession that often emphasizes preparation and education to students, but those values are just as important for teachers. Preparing for the unexpected and educating yourself about potential workplace hazards are the best ways to prevent an injury at work.

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