Regulatory Roundup, December 15

Regulatory Roundup is a weekly compilation of employee wellness and safety news.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA administrator nomination moves forward in Senate

This week, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee voted to move forward with Scott Mugno’s nomination to become OSHA’s next administrator. During his confirmation hearing, Mugno emphasized that teamwork is crucial in achieving worker safety…MORE

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Guidelines for occupational health and safety management systems reachfinal draft stage

Upcoming international standard ISO 45001 has reached the final draft international standard stage and the public can currently submit feedback on the draft. The final publication is expected to be released in March 2018 and will cover guidelines for adopting an occupational health and safety management system…MORE

Studies, resources, trends, news

Workers’ comp costs down 63 percent in 12 years

The Texas Department of Insurance reports that workers’ compensation premiums in Texas have fallen 63 percent since 2005, and more companies are choosing to provide insurance. Additionally, there has been a 28 percent decline in employees filing claims. The agency believes this is due to an improvement in care through health care networks, a drug formulary, safer workplaces and other reforms from the Division of Workers’ Compensation…MORE

Podcast releases top 3 safety challenges

The 25th episode of the EHS on Tap podcast covered the top three workplace safety challenges and ways for employers to address them. The topics were based on a survey of environmental health and safety professionals and included supervisor participation in safety programs, employees breaking safety rules and employee engagement…MORE

Tips to winterize your vehicles

Traction control and other technologies are making it easier to drive in winter weather, but the National Safety Council (NSC) reminds drivers that we are our cars’ best safety feature. The NSC provides information to handle the winter weather, including tips on winterizing your vehicle, avoiding a crash and what items to store in your car…MORE

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